The Miss Earth Pageant
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The Miss Earth Pageant
Miss Earth 2023 in Vietnam
The Miss Earth Crown
Miss Earth Crowns

The Miss Earth crowns, crafted by the renowned brand Long Beach Pearl, carries the theme of "Unique Bonds - One Planet" symbolizing the harmony between nature and humanity. The design was brought to life by the founder of Long Beach Pearl, entrepreneur Bui Thi My Canh, along with the talented artisans of the brand, showcasing the journey of honoring Vietnam's beauty and its inherent connection with nature.

The Miss Earth crown, created by Long Beach Pearl, is made of gold, combined with pearls and gemstones in vibrant colors. The design features a total of 87 precious pearls. In the five elements, the number 87 corresponds to the element Earth, representing peace, sustainability, and eternity. The design highlights six radiant South Sea pearls resembling the sun, encircled by colorful gemstones, representing the perpetual and cyclical nature of the Earth. It represents the life force of plants, nature, living beings, and ourselves.

The four new crowns by Long Beach Pearl are not only symbols of elegance and power but also carry profound meaning with the theme of "Unique Unity - For a Shared Planet," further elevating the value of Miss Earth as one of the world's top and prestigious beauty pageants.

Be the Next Miss Earth
Carousel Productions, Inc. is searching for the most exceptional women around the globe to participate in the next edition of the MISS EARTH Pageant. While the tradition of selecting the national delegate is strictly followed, Carousel is braving a new meaning to beauty pageants by bringing to light the conscious effort of promoting clean and healthy environment.


• Natural born Female
• Never been married, single, never given birth
• Minimum height of 5 feet 4 inches (162.56 cm)
• Posses beauty of face and proportionate body structure
• Outgoing and friendly
• Excellent physical condition
• Has knowledge of her country's culture and environment

Important: A national delegate for MISS EARTH should be a citizen of the country she will be representing, and a national pageant winner by a recognized MISS EARTH franchise holder. Contact us for further inquiries and we will refer you to the National Director in your country of citizenship.

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