The Miss Earth Pageant
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Miss Earth

Country: Ecuador
Languages Spoken: English and Spanish
Age: 23
Height: 172 cm
Measurements: 89 cm - 60 cm - 93 cm
Profession: Lawyer and Model

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"My environmental advocacy is environmental education in schools specially in elementary schools. I chose this because I believe that the best age to teach a person to have environmental conscience is at an early age because on their growing years they will learn to have respect towards the environment which will help to the future generations. I truly believe that there should exist on every academic pensum an environmental class and I will work hard on it to make it possible.

I have a personal diary that I have been writing on since I was 10 years old in which I have written all my good and bad experiences, I have my love letters stapled on them, my pictures of the most memorable moments and all the funny stickers that you can imagine because I used to put in every single page a different sticker depending on my mood of that day. I still keep writing on different diaries of course but I have never left that behind."

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