The Miss Earth Pageant


Nickname: Pian
Birthdate: June 27, 1990
Height: 170 cm.
Hometown: City of Manila
Education: Marketing Management from De La Salle College Of St. Benilde
Profession: Tourism Communication Consultant at the Manila City Hall

During the question and answer portion of Miss Earth 2015 held in Vienna, Angelia was asked to come up with a slogan for the next 15 years of Miss Earth. Angelia answered, "We will, because we can." Explaining "I want to let everybody know that all things are possible and all things are feasible if we work together. We will, because we can."

That answer brought home the crown and landing the Philippines a back-to-back win in the Miss Earth beauty pageant held in Vienna, Austria last December 2015.

Getting To Know The Queen

Everyone’s head over heels with this new queen and although she may have been crowned as one of the most beautiful women in the face of the earth, a nonchalant conversation with her would so easily reveal her utmost down-to-earth trait.

Her humble beginnings can be traced back to when she worked as a host in a local travel magazine show back when she was only 17. At a young age, she was already helping her family by doing something she was passionate about. Having grown fond of hosting, she’s open to pursuing that interest after her reign.

A word that would best describe Angelia is ‘optimistic’. She stays positive in every possible way. “I always think that there’s a new day coming and it’s gonna get better. If something bad happens, I only think that it was given to me cause I can handle it,” she shares.

She is like any girl who is very fond of eating, except she likes it weird. While others would cringe at the thought of mixing Kimchi and ice cream, she admits that it’s something she would totally indulge in. Proving her love for eating, she even spills that before the Miss Earth coronation night, she was one of the few contestant who ate buffet, while the others were too conscious about their figure.

Beauty 101

The definition of beauty remains subjective; it’s different in people’s eyes. But for this queen, “Beauty is appreciating yourself.” She shares that it’s about truly knowing your worth, “If you feel that you are beautiful, then you are beautiful. You don’t need anybody’s approval”.

Aside from the beauty basics like getting enough sleep and staying hydrated, this queen shares yet another important addition, “my beauty secret is my positive outlook in life”. “If you’re positive, magkakaroon ka ng gana in everything that you do,” she shares, attesting that beauty also comes from within.

An important advice she gives to other girls, especially to those who feel less beautiful than they should is to love yourself—not Justin Bieber’s song, but to value and respect yourself. That was one thing she learned in pageants; she was always surrounded with women who took good care of themselves in terms of the way they looked and most importantly, how they carried themselves. Inspired by the promising women that surrounded her, she learned the importance of also loving herself in many different ways. “Surround yourself with the kind of people that you want to be,” she says. “You have a better chance to be a better person if you surround yourself with better people”.

Carrying the Weight of the Crown

“The one who wears the crown, bears the crown, and I’m willing to bear it for a year,” says Angelia. Carrying the crown and holding the title of Miss Earth 2015 also means bearing its weight. “Mabigat siya, literally and figuratively,” she says, referring to the weight of the crown. “But it’s something that I’m willing to bear.”

It’s easy to think that there’s no need to prove anything after gracefully winning a pageant such as Miss Earth, because everything has been done—the title has been won and honor has been brought to the country. But this queen has come realize that she has even more to prove now that she has the crown. She admits that there is a certain level of pressure in building a legacy that she will be leaving behind. “I wanna be remembered as this queen who didn’t just smile and wave, but as this queen who did her job,” she said.

Credits: Sister Secrets and Leo Almodal


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