The Miss Earth Pageant

ALYZ HENRICH (Venezuela)
Age: 22
Height: 176 cm
Measurements: 35.4-23.6-36.2

"Taking care of our water is taking care of ourselves, water is life. Let’s keep it clean."

Describe your childhood growing years:
Having lots of fun in my neighborhood, with my big brother and my parents all together. I was very independent and mature for my age always. And had a lot of extra-curricular activities like folkloric dancing, samba and sports.
What lessons did you learn from your childhood?
Being humble is key to success, it doesn’t matter how far I go, and I will always remember where I come from, my roots, family, education and country.
Any special facts or story about your family?
I was born in a very small town called Los Taques at the Peninsula de Paraguana the state of Falcon in Venezuela. They have supported me all my life even when I moved out on my own to the city of Maracaibo to study Social Communication and when I was spotted by a Modeling agency and I continued my preparation in Milan, when I arrived back in Venezuela, my family was amazed by how I changed as a woman.
What is the most unusual thing you have ever done?
Traveling without my parents’ permission, while being a minor.
What is your most memorable moment?
When I was elected for representing my country in the 2013 Miss Earth pageant.
What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?
I will be working for the recollection of trash in the Los Roques Island Chain, supporting the cause directed by a brilliant 12 year old kid, who began to work to keep the waters of these islands clean.