The Miss Earth Pageant
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Miss Earth

Instagram: @nellyspimentel
Country: Puerto Rico
Languages Spoken: English and Spanish
Age: 23
Height: 180 cm
Measurements: 84 cm - 64 cm - 100 cm
Profession: International Model

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"My advocacy is heavily based on the family. The family is the base of society, and a society composed by families that love, respect, and value each other is the one that will also do the same and make efforts in creating a stable and safe environment, in every aspect. It is time to understand that the concept of love is the key to create conscious change through education. It is time to raise our voice to take care of our biggest home. Protect with love where we set footsteps today, Our Mother Earth: because big changes begin with small acts of love.

Even though countries have different ecosystems, they all share one factor: the effects of climate change. It is not uncommon for us to look for information about venues or restaurants to visit when traveling. However, with this new wave of the environmentally conscious tourists, it is imperative to keep a few tips in mind: buy refillable water bottles to help reduce our carbon print, avoid plastics and cans to lower the amount of residues produced, research the environmental policies of every place to visit, be aware of the appropriate use and disposal of products in sensitive environments as you choose nature-friendly accomodations whose most, if not all products and produce are local. "

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