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I am fortunate to have beautiful memories of my childhood and all of this has been thanks to my parents. I'm going to write you a very funny anecdote in order to understand it. I confess that I sleep with the door to my room closed out of respect.

Between approximately 9-10 years of age, we went on a family vacation to Andalusia Almería. We spent the entire day outside doing activities, enjoying the beach, the company and the hotel shows until nightfall arrived. We all went to sleep peacefully and of course, Edurne FERNANDEZ, had to do one of hers, if not, it was not her.

The dawn came and the event happened, my mother says that I walked the halls of the hotel with my blanket dragging it, employees and customers watching the event, without understanding anything. After several kilometers, I returned to the hotel room and that's when my parents see me completely zombie returning to the bed. It turns out that I am sleepwalking, since then I sleep with the door closed and all.

At one point in my short life because I am a young girl, I was very bad emotionally and mentally because of very intimate situations in my life and out of respect or shame I found it hard to express myself or convey my situation to my parents. Until one day I felt like I hit rock bottom and couldn't, perhaps it was the instinct of Protection; that I decided to go to my mother for help. And so it was, she opened his arms to me and it was from that moment when I realized that I will always have her, I know I can count on her. In the end the one that will always be at all times, the one who wants the best for me and will not fail me is her, my mother. The truth is that I admire all mothers very much, I am aware that many times it is not easy for them the great role that life has given them.

Something special in my family is courage and togetherness. For my father, my sister and me, our empowered figure and role model is my mother. From a very early age, she had to leave her studies to go to work and feed both her siblings and her parents, since the economic situation at that time was complicated. After more than 20 years, she decided to resume her studies and earned her degree in chiromassage. This process of changing her life has cost her a lot, but with effort, sacrifice, with how much of a fighter and how dedicated she is, when she sets her mind to something she achieves it, the results and good things come.

She has always wanted to convey to me the importance of studies since only she knows what educational failure is. That is why she has always done everything possible so that we do not lack anything and that we do not go through the hard childhood that she experienced. Thanks to her I have become the person I am today, I am studying the career I always wanted and I have them.

Something unusual was to be under the sea. Being afraid of the ocean, I had to carry out an environmental activity within the marine ecosystem where I couldn't say no, as it is a sponsor and my responsibility as Miss Earth to show and spread the message. The truth is that I’m surprised at myself because for me it was a challenge and a fear that I overcame, since I have a lot of respect for the sea. Thanks to this opportunity, I was able to enjoy and discover the beauty and diversity that exists of the fauna and flora of the marine world and above all something I have never seen before.

I took an incredible experience that made me learn a lot and be ableto understand more the situation in which he finds himself and to beable to show it.

Get to know ecotourism in depth

• Opt for less crowded destinations
• Protect ecosystems
• Respect biodiversity
• Learn new models of life and customs
• Recycle and minimize your impact
• Opt for local products and services
• Say yes to sustainable means of transportation to minimize the impact of carbon emissions.
• Respect for the environment and surroundings.
• Show your experiences and encourage your friends to carry out ecotourism.
• Consumption of renewable products. Avoid the use of plastics and non-biodegradable materials for a lower impact on the carbon footprint.

Among other points that will help to continue living on Earth.

Spain is history, art, flamenco, beaches and many hours of sunshine a year. They´re great monuments of historical value such as the Alhambra in Granada, being one of the candidates to represent the 7 new wonders of the world. We have the third highest volcano on the planet, the Teide de Tenerife. The mosque accompanied by the tradition of the beautiful patios of Cordoba, the natural park of Cabo de Gata in Almería with unique species of fauna and flora, in short, an extraordinary nature, variable gastronomy accompanied by delicacies in wines, oil and more.

With people full of traditions, this is Spain. Olé olé olé.

My defense is to teach my environment, starting with my friends and family until reaching other continents that our home is the planet. We must ensure that the smallest plant has a forest to grow in, which is why one of the reasons why I decided to participate in this contest was the motto, taking care of the environment and, on the other hand, having the opportunity to enhance and spread my future goal number N18 of sustainable development of the 2030 agenda.

My project is called the push towards natural, healthy, effective and sustainable nutrition, such as breastfeeding. It is a food that does not produce contamination and that provides great benefits not only to the infant or the mother but also to the environment We are still in time to do it differently.

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