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Miss Earth Nigeria 2019


Height: 172 cm
Measurements: 32 in - 25 in - 37 in
Occupation: Model, Entrepreneur and Admin Officer
Flower Name: Rose

Advocacy: My advocacy is Clean Air (Air Quality). Air quality simply means the amount or percentage of toxic greenhouse gases, which are carbon dioxide gas, carbon monoxide gas, nitrogen oxides gas, and particulate matter and methane gas in relative to the WHO standards. The earth has surpassed the WHO standards of these gases and this is as a result of the burning of fossil fuels, excessive use of energy and improper waste management. My advocacy is to create alternative to burning fossil fuels, such as, the use of solar panels, water waves and waste to generate electricity and energy.
Miss Earth Nigeria 2019

I used to live in Satellite Town. I had so much fun with those my age, my brother David Garland -also my best friend. I loved toddlers so much that the mothers were comfortable with me watching over them within their home. I took care of them and had favorites. Most times, my parents would help and supervise me. She preferred I stayed home to keep safe from injury. I moved away at the age of 11, I was away from the toddlers. I missed everything from Satellite town but life goes on. Moving into my new high school I made friends with some friends and teaches. I love science, and was placed in the science department.

I remembers puberty, ‘laughs’, my brothers troublesome behaviors, when I was appointed as assistant head girl in high school, the only time I was punished as a prefect in high school, o my! That was really embarrassing. I recall the times when I tried to get into tertiary institution, the fun times I had with my best friend, Vivian. When I started modeling, I was really happy to see my face on billboards, TVC commercials, ATM machines as the face of the ongoing GT Bank fashion weekend in 2017, it was purely by the grace of God. And the excitement I felt when I won Miss Earth Nigeria 2019, I felt fulfilled. Winning miss earth 2019, was the moment I’ll never forget.

My dad is bi-racial, he’s partly Irish and Nigerian. My mom is Nigerian. My dad is not just Irish and Nigerian, he has English and Ghanaian decent as well. He said his parents, that is, my grandparents are both bi-racial. Some of My extended family lives in Ghana, Ireland and UK. My grandfather has an epitaph in Axim, Ghana. He built a hospital in the country and treated several people for free when he was alive. When he passed away, we constructed an epitaph for his memorial, and named a street beside the hospital, Garland Street.

The most unusual thing I have ever done: I deliberately used to hide in primary school after closing hour so my neighbor won’t take my home. I would picked my brother and my children and would search for my till I left. Then I would walk all the way home, I mastered the route. I just wanted to explore, and I didn’t like my neighbor anyways, so I never went home with my. I would come home really late, my mom would panic and flog my but I never listened. My dad was out of the country during that time. I came back with a bleeding nose one afternoon, due to the intensity of the heat from the sun, I treated myself and from that day, I began giving my bus fare home. I felt like my tanned skin is from the sun exposure he put myself through, ‘smiles’. I plugged fruits, walked with friends that weren’t privileged to take the bus home. I even went to my brother’s high school when he graduated from my school one day. His teachers and schoolmates said that I was very pretty and I would win miss world one day.

Eco Tourism entails that rivers and lakes are protected from pollutants and that trees with rare herbs, which also provide refuges and food for protected wildlife combats climate change which is fallout of bad environmental practices. Thus a sustained enlightenment is key.
- I suggest that the governments all over the world create laws to stop people from hunting or killing animals in the forests. The use of animal skins, horns, thorns and bones should also be banned with effective penalty. Poultry skin and fish scales can be used as alternatives to cattle and reptile skin.
- The natural habitat of animals going into extinction should be guarded and monitored by law enforcement agencies. These habitats can be recreated to even preserve them and bring back in multitude into the earth.
- Aquatic life can be conserved through the manufacture of ponds all over the world planktons can be produced organically to feed these fish as well as aquatic life in the ocean.
- Artificial fishponds can be constructed all over the world.
- There should proper drainage systems and water way waste management to prevent harmful substances from entering ocean and seas. An alternative artificial water bodies could be created for the purpose.
- Plastic bottles and general nylon material should be phased out completely or recycled. Laws should be passed to separate wastes so plastic can be recycled with ease and at 80%. Alternatives to plastic utensils should be encouraged like glass, ceramics and steel.
- Swamps are known for pioneering new eco systems. Swamps should be nurtured as well as all natural habitats. We can even create more swamps, using expertise on biotechnology.
- Water channels should be created in every desert on planet earth from ocean and other water bodies so that the planting of trees can be encouraged and can be grown in such areas. This will reduce desertification and bring about green vegetation.
- Poultry and fish production should be made top priority, to reduce the rate at which we consume red meat. These poultry and fish should be affordable enough and preserved to prevent over harvesting.
- I suggests that short filming segments should be done on different eco-tourism locations around the world, with additions on commentary of the negative effects of climate change, should be in the curriculum of children in schools worldwide to bring about awareness.

Climate Change
- I suggests that the major parts on planet earth that burn the highest amount of fossil fuels, there by releasing huge concentration of toxic gases into the atmosphere in large proportion should be attended to with immediate effect. We should be sensitized and stopped provided with alternatives to fossil fuels.
- I suggest that atomic power stations, and combustion engines should be phased out completely. A revolution “we can’t kill our land” should arise.
- Alternatives to fossil fuels are wind energy, water weaves and solar energy. These means can be used to generate energy and power supply. It should be made available at a cheaper rate to discourage people all over the world to stop the use of fossil fuels. All auto-vehicles can be converted to liquid gas. I suggest that diesel engines be phased out.
- I suggest that we support innovations that will in the long run cause man to do away with fossil fuels and diesel engines.
- Gases emitted from food and general waste can be converted to energy and power supply. The gas present is methane and it’s a good source of energy.
- Incineration of wastes should be monitored closely, so that the emitted gases will be used to produce otmy valuable items. That’s ‘re-use”.
- I suggest that drainages should be filtered before being released into any form water body. The wastes from these filtered drainages should be recycled or up-cycled into different materials.
- Industries known for the heavy use and emission of fossil fuels, such as, manufacture of all metallic objects, mining gold and raw materials, manufacture of food etc. should solely relay on solar energy and other alternatives to fossil fuels.
- The government should set rules against inappropriate burning of old auto mobile vehicles, rubber and substances that would raise the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
- Planting of trees and vegetation should be encouraged all over the world in huge numbers to prevent desertification, reduce the amount of toxic gases in the atmosphere and also to encourage forest bathing.
- All lights and electrical appliances not in use should be turned off. This activity should be imbibed in all schools so it becomes a habit for the next generation. The most crucial way is through a sustained campaign geared at educating immediate people and government towards the two phenomena’s. Ecotourism mitigates climate change specifically through the preservation of flora, fauna and their habitats. Vast protected areas reduce the consequences of a fast eroding ecosystem and encourage a sustainable preservation.

Africa’s giant, Nigeria is made up of diverse people and culture, the rich diversity for every tribe and tongue, there is a beautiful story to tell with impressionable history, notable icons and of course daunting and picturesque historical landmarks. Nigeria is widely known for its many natural resources such as marble, dolomite, cotton and lots more. Nigeria is also known for mineral resources, namely: coal, bitumen, iron ore, gypsum, gold etc. Nigeria is known for its beautiful landscape and tourist attractions, examples are: the fortress of Abeokuta, Olumo Rock, Yankari Game Reserve known for myds of Elephants, Lekki Conservation Centre, Zuma Rock, Kajuru castle in Kaduna State, and the list continues.

Nigeria is respected as the most populous black nation and one the powerhouses of Africa. God has blessed us with so many natural and mineral resources, its indeed a land of beauty and tourism. Nigerians are so gifted and talented in sports, entertainment, noble prizes, medicines, engineering, the world of blogging and Internet. The Nigerian music industry has gained grounds globally; many Nigerians are in various sports, such as, soccer, athletics, etc. Nigerians are happy, resilient and very optimistic people even in the midst of hardship, difficulties, frustration and anger; we still find reason to be happy. Nigerians are entrepreneurial, we are very creative when it comes to business, and we make the best out nothing. We are rich in culture, we have the freedom that most people in other countries dream about and above all we have God at the center of our hearts.

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