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Growing up, I recall my childhood as a vibrant period. Despite numerous hospital visits for surgeries due to two ovarian torsions and chronic asthma, my perspective on childhood remained positive, thanks to the incredible people around me. This phase of my life appears colorful and vibrant because it taught me valuable lessons about myself and those in my life.

I learned to embrace a mantra of self-affirmation, saying, "I am unique and special" rather than succumbing to a "why me" mentality. I characterize my childhood as a time of transformation, resilience, and perseverance. Throughout my growth, my parents went above and beyond, concealing their sorrow at seeing their daughter face challenges no one should endure. They silently wiped away their tears, demonstrating strength so that I could find my own.

These years were not only challenging but also transformative, laying the foundation for my life's path. I discovered a deep love for music and education during this time, contributing to my personal growth. I am grateful for the challenges I faced, as they do not define me but have instead shaped the person I've become.

My most cherished memory is the day I graduated from the University of Florida at the age of twenty, earning a double major in Political Science and International Studies with a focus on the Middle East. This moment is etched in my heart for several reasons.

Firstly, it's memorable because I graduated as a first-generation college attendee, achieving not only a degree but also two majors within a span of two years. This accomplishment holds a special place in my journey.

Secondly, the joy of graduating in a field that aligns with my passion for philanthropy, especially in helping children worldwide, was truly exhilarating. It provided me with a robust foundation to present my best self to the world in the pursuit of making a positive impact.

However, what makes this moment exceptionally memorable is the sheer happiness reflected on my parents' faces. The culmination of our collective hard work, sacrifices, and unwavering dedication had paid off. In that moment, I felt like I was giving back a fraction of what they had given me throughout the years. It was a shared joy, a celebration of the accomplishments and fruits of years of toil and sacrifice.

To my parents, I love you dearly, and I hope to continue making you proud. Your support and love have been my guiding light, and I am forever grateful. I love you.

A captivating element of my family's history lies in our collective passion for the sport of boxing. Comprising seven siblings with me as the youngest, our family shares a unique and robust connection to the world of boxing. This shared love has its roots in our father's days as an amateur boxer in Cuba, where he instilled in us a profound appreciation for the sport.

The echoes of our father's dedication and love for boxing reverberate through each of us, creating a special bond that transcends generations. Our fondest memories are crafted around moments when we all gather, united by the electrifying energy of a boxing match. These gatherings serve as a testament to the enduring power of our shared interest, a tradition that not only strengthens our family connection but also allows us to relive the passion our father introduced us to.

In essence, our family's boxing legacy goes beyond being just a hobby—it's a cherished link to our past, an enduring tie that reminds us of the love, unity, and exhilaration found in both competition and camaraderie.

The most unusual experience in my life was stepping out of my comfort zone and pursuing my dream of competing in a beauty pageant. While growing up, I harbored a desire to participate in beauty pageants, but my time was consumed by competitions in the performing arts, medical events, and college commitments. My mom assured me that after university, I would have the opportunity to pursue this dream. After graduation, my focus shifted to philanthropic and professional endeavors. The dream of competing in a pageant lingered in the background as my nonprofit and career flourished. Then, one day, I woke up with a different perspective. I thought, "If not today, then when?" On that very day, I took the leap and signed up, embarking on a beauty journey that has brought me to the Miss Earth stage. This unconventional path, challenging my comfort zone, doing the unusual, and chasing a dream, has led me to this remarkable moment.

To foster ecotourism and address climate change, we can take specific actions, such as organizing tours through ecotourism destinations. These tours would emphasize the importance of preserving the ecosystem and showcase the measures implemented in that particular area to protect the environment. For instance, in Cuba, promoting ecotourism and addressing climate change could involve offering Tobacco Farm Tours. These tours would not only explain sustainable cultivation methods but also emphasize the significance of preserving the cultural aspects of tobacco while prioritizing environmental protection.

Furthermore, hands-on engagement enhances people's receptiveness to information. Thus, promoting ecotourism and climate change should involve community-led conservation projects that actively involve both the local community and tourists. When tourists actively participate in projects, they become part of a larger mission, fostering a sense of connection. This hands-on approach also serves as a gateway for others to learn about and engage with community-led conservation initiatives.

Our resilience is a source of immense pride for me. To be Cuban is to embody something greater than just a geographical origin; it signifies perseverance, an extraordinary ability to adapt, endure, and maintain a resilient spirit. Being Cuban means belonging to a vast community of individuals who watch out for one another, relying on each other for support and creating a profound sense of solidarity that becomes a wellspring of strength during challenging times. It's about being there and extending a helping hand to the person standing next to you, recognizing that we are all interconnected.

I take immense pride in my country's rich cultural heritage—from the vibrant music of legends like Celia Cruz with her infectious "Azucar" to the soul-stirring tunes of Arturo Sandoval and his trumpet. From the traditional dances of salsa to the rhythmic beats of rumba, and the delectable cuisine that makes my mouth water at the mere thought of it. The historical literary works of Jose Marti further enrich this cultural tapestry. All these qualities fill me with pride, as Cuba carries a rich tapestry of unique history, vibrant culture, and beautiful traditions.

Yet, what truly fills me with pride is the remarkable ability of Cuban citizens to stand strong in the face of adversity. They serve as living testaments to the power of resilience, community, and an unwavering spirit. Their strength isn't just a response to challenges; it's a dynamic force that shapes their identity and defines the essence of being Cuban. Through the threads of history, the rhythm of music, the bonds of community, and an indomitable will, the people of Cuba continue to showcase that strength is not merely a measure of muscle but a reflection of the collective heart and soul of a nation. I am immensely proud to be Cuban.

My platform centers around providing education to underserved communities, addressing key obstacles such as limited resources, poverty, malnutrition, rural-urban disparities, and support for refugees and displaced persons. In 2021, I established the nonprofit organization Hearts in Mind, driven by the ethos of "thinking with love" and dedicated to extending education to low-resource areas on both local and international scales.

Proudly, Hearts in Mind has achieved significant milestones within just three years of its inception. We've successfully built a school in Cuascoto, Nicaragua, and are currently in the process of constructing schools in Venezuela and Turkey, exemplifying our commitment to creating lasting change. While providing education is our main focus, it is crucial to highlight the environmentally conscious way in which the schools are built. We utilize the “Rs,” collaborating with companies that manufacture necessary materials for school construction. We repurpose, recycle, and reuse products that would otherwise be discarded.

While our impact is felt internationally, Hearts in Mind also makes a tangible difference within our local community. In collaboration with the City of Miami-Dade, we organize bi-monthly food drives for the unhoused population, extending support to those in need. We provide food in recyclable containers rather than non-biodegradable styrofoam. Additionally, we've worked with organizations such as Lotus, Kristi’s House, and the O’farrill Center, equipping parents with the tools necessary to ensure their children receive a proper education.

An example of our comprehensive approach is our collaboration with The Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa, where we provide makeovers to empower mothers, fostering a sense of self-belief that positively influences their children's education. This empowerment resonates deeply, instilling confidence in children and reinforcing their commitment to education.

In essence, Hearts in Mind is a testament to the transformative power of education and compassion. Through our multifaceted efforts, we are not only building schools but also nurturing a culture of empowerment and support that uplifts individuals and communities alike.

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