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I remember that I loved learning, I was a happy and committed child, I always wanted my homework to stand out for its excellence. I know this was a result of the values I saw in my family, I enjoyed a very loving and respectful home atmosphere, where everyone in my family was hardworking and responsible, and I grew up with this influence. I was born in the capital of my country, but my parents were raised in the countryside, so in my childhood, I traveled a lot to the countryside, which made me develop a strong connection with nature and sensitivity to the environment and animals. I was a very energetic child, I loved to volunteer as a representative of my class and lead academic and other activities such as dance, sports and arts. My parents always say that I loved to play the teacher role teaching my cousins math and reading.

The day of my virtual graduation as an Environmental Engineer, just one week after, was declared the sanitary emergency of COVID-19 so my dream moment of receiving my diploma and being celebrating with all my loved ones was my moment was snatched away. Lots of feelings were together because this career was a giant challenging achievement.

Exactly that day, when you feel you start a long road to real life and after sending a lot of application forms to job offers, I received a phone call that changed everything until today. It was the Director of Environmental Affairs of the Colombian Ministry of the Environment telling me I was chosen to get, my lifetime purpose job, at the ministry due to my great performance at the university and my internship at Coca-Cola working in circular economy strategies for the company. That day, I received in my living room the “enormous and elegant” ceremony I was expecting, so I learned by heart that more than the ornaments and protocols, what matters is feeling the joy at your soul, being so close with the people who support you. Celebrating your goals is about pure inner conversation recognizing with love to yourself, you are the only one who know how much you work and how much you deserve to go further, shine brighter and get the courage to go for the next step.

We are a 0 to 100 family. Our two parents come from a very challenging childhood and adolescence, growing up in rural places, poor and heavily impacted by the violence of armed groups. They decided to migrate to the city alone, leaving behind their family and the little they knew, but with the strong dream of getting ahead and creating a home. In that way, our two parents raised us in an exemplary way, giving us a life like the one they never had and teaching us the importance of creating a safe space where we can move forward as a family and overcome all the difficulties along the way, just as they taught us, with their example, because I learned you can always start from cero, and your past does not define or limit your future.

I organized a whole expedition to spend New Year's Eve in the rainforest in the Amazon rainforest with my family to see bioluminescent species with an indigenous tribe. For my family it was the most disruptive experience of their lives, going out in the middle of the night in the rainforest, when nature started to shine. Besides this, we had caiman sightings at night, where with their shining eyes they showed us their location. That taught me that your shine, your light, is what constitutes your presence, puts you in an important place where you will be stronger and more visible for your good contributions. We end up living a new year sharing all these experiences, to later gather with the local tribe around a bonfire in a ritual of gratitude has been a unique experience in our lives.

For ecotourism and climate change awareness to gain relevance, I would definitely encourage the reinforcement of research and investment in order to find innovative solutions. We all can start doing our own research and get more informed about opportunities to support through donations, volunteering and voting for representatives who commit public funds to sustainability strategies for the country.

Furthermore, I advocate working on the requirement of incorporating environmental education in educational institutions as we require, throughout our formation, stronger training on actions to mitigate climate change, especially I advise focusing on clear actions in our habits to reduce green gas gasses as electric mobility, consume local products and sustainable agriculture. Finally, it is essential to strengthen local communities around the countries so that they become empowered, learn about tourism management and can develop innovative ecotourism products and services where they can win by guiding many visitors to develop sustainable tourism. It is fundamental that in parallel, with the help of leaders and influential figures such as eco-delegates and national channels, they help to publicize these new places and experiences that society can enjoy so we can support, by our decisions and money, to the ecosystems.

Colombia is PASSION because we love our history of perseverance and we are ambassadors of the joy and kindness that characterize us. Colombia is the third most biodiverse country on the planet, because of its geographical location it could be classified as a natural paradise on earth. Our diversity transcends to a great variety of cultures, landscapes, customs, flavors and traditions; thus configuring the propitious scenario for the development of a society that day by day works for its dreams, that in spite of the adversities, the differences and the armed conflict that has lived, has demonstrated that with determination, education and love we can overcome the difficulties.

We have been awarded Nobel Peace and Literature prizes, Olympic medals as well as world-renowned sportsmen, singers and artists. I can also proudly say that we are the first Latin American country to implement a National Circular Economy Strategy. We are in transition towards sustainable strategies, taking better care of our biodiversity, so this year we changed illicit crops for the generation of carbon credits, we achieved very impressive rates of reduction of deforestation this year. Colombia has an extensive network of protected areas, including national parks, nature and marine reserves, and wildlife sanctuaries. All the above makes me so proud of my country, my people, our history and progress forward.

My advocacy is the strengthening of environmental education, at the framework of sustainability as the balance between economic, social and environment, therefore my focus is on circular economy and natural resources economy.

The world produces 2.01 billion tons of municipal solid waste each year, of this, only 16% is recycled (World Bank, 2018). The circular economy is a revolutionary approach to resource management that reframes waste as an opportunity. It's a system where products, materials, and resources are reused, recycled, or repurposed continuously, creating a sustainable and regenerative cycle.

I have worked very hard in the youth by leading a project called “RE-Transform” already impacting more than 15 schools with educational training and practical exercises encouraging them to recognize, from an early age, the importance of sustainability as our opportunity to create a better future for all. It's a future where we can live in harmony with nature and where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Through this, I am transmitting my love for the environment, inspiring people to investigate and get more committed to implementing these tools throughout their daily life’s habits and through all the companies' strategies. The economy of natural resources could create 40 million jobs and generate $10 trillion in economic activity by 2030 (WEF,2020)

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