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"Jaguars exist in 18 countries in Latin America in habitats including swamps, tropical flooded forest, wetlands, scrublands and deserts. They help to maintain a healthy ecosystem."


Height: 172 cm
Measurements: 34 in - 25 in - 36 in
Career/Education: Professional Model and TV & Events Presenter
Miss Colombia

I grew up in a very artistic and active environment: since I was child I participated in singing competitions, I studied vocal technique and was part of a choir for 6 years, I created my own songs, I learned to read sheet music and I played different instruments. I also ventured into the world of acting, presenting plays on different stages. As for dance, I had the opportunity to receive excellent training that would later lead me to awaken a new passion: cheerleading, an activity in which I not only exploited my talent as a dancer but also challenged me as an athlete and led me to achieve important distinctions with my team.

I was always supported by my family, my mother dedicated most of her time to educating me and sharing quality time with me. My sisters who are older than me took care of me and motivated me to do whatever I wanted.

I had a very blessed and privileged childhood/growing up because I was surrounded by so much love. And although my family is not perfect, they have been perfect for me, because they helped me to be the woman I am today.

For me, every day is memorable because I have the opportunity to enjoy the life that God gives me. There are some moments that are very special because they have marked my soul, such as when I was able to represent my country internationally, when I achieved a goal that required my effort, such as graduating from my professional career, when I was an early childhood teacher and was able to appreciate the way the kids learned and grew from my hand, those moments in which I have made others smile with a hug or with a simple gesture, those in which I can share with the people I love, when I travel and meet new cultures, new landscapes, and when I have been able to help the environment and many people through social and environmental transformation projects.

I see my family as the team that God made available to me to acquire the life lessons I need to be a better person and evolve, that is why my parents and my two older sisters have been my great life teachers. My father has given me power, inner strength, independence and self-confidence. My mother has given me the gift of unconditional love, responsibility and sweetness, she has been the pillar of my life since she gave hers to take care of my sisters and me, she dedicated each one of her days to raise three girls and make us become happy, successful women, full of values ​​and capable of achieving all the goals we set for ourselves, she is like my angel on earth. Likewise, my two sisters have given me joy, they have been guides and have been for me unconditionally with their love and support. My family is my greatest blessing.

On one of my birthdays I went to a park called Zea World, where I was going to enjoy a day with aquatic animals and fun attractions. I never imagined that day I would see penguins, but it was! We entered a room that simulated the habitat of this wonderful species, so the cold was extreme. People entered, admired the beautiful animals and left. However, when I entered and had my first contact with penguins, I was so excited that I started to cry with happiness and wanted to stay there. So the most unusual thing I've ever done was stay in a place that was freezing, so cold that I was getting hypothermic just because I wanted to watch the penguins in the park. After this I got sick because I was not prepared for such a cold place, but I was very happy with the experience.

Ecotourism is a tool for sustainable socioeconomic development, which generates benefits for rural communities and the environment, because it has become a source of employment, conservation of ecosystems and protection of habitats through the communities in their territories, taking into account that it represents an alternative for adaptation to Climate Change, since it is an activity that is developed with the purpose of promoting good environmental practices, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting the protection of ecosystems, to guarantee not only the natural balance of the same, but also the well-being of human beings allowing their enjoyment through the development of actions such as nature tourism, bird watching and hiking, among others; These actions are carried out with the least possible impact, in order to be a more resilient and competitive tourism activity in an uncertain climate future.

Being born in Colombia is a privilege and blessing for me, we have an immense natural wealth where the diversity of species of flora and fauna, ecosystems, mountains, rivers, seas, our culture and traditions, have configured the perfect setting to create a paradise. natural, where it is possible to find a number of majestic landscapes: from the snowy peaks and moors, to the mouth of large rivers on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. It is for this and many other reasons that I am proud of my country, its natural capital and its people.

My advocacy is knowing that as human beings we depend 100% on our mother earth and in the same way we have caused damage, we also have the strength and ability to correct it! Therefore, for me it is essential to work for the preservation and protection of our environment and from my country through the "bottles of love" project I am making my contribution to reduce the plastic pollution that affects many species of fauna and flora in the world, to becomes a life solution, transforming tons of flexible plastics that we consider garbage, into material construction plastic for homes, playgrounds, dining rooms and other elements that can change the reality of many unprivileged children and families. That is why my advocacy is related to the circular economy with plastic waste, its correct management and the importance of raising awareness about environmental care with actions such as recycling.

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