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Miss Earth China 2019


Height: 178 cm
Measurements: 35 in - 25 in - 35 in
Profession: Senior Manager
Flower Name: Peony

Advocacy: I advocate environmental protection of mind. Environmental protection of mind means the protection of environmental sanitation and the maintenance of human living spaces. Because the pollution of the environment is caused by humans; the "environment" itself will not create any pollution, nor will plants or minerals pollute the human environment. Only human beings can create dirty mess, not only polluting the material environment, but also polluting the spiritual environment. Some negative language, writing, symbols, images and ideas will bring harm to the human mind. The pollution of material environment can not be separated from humans, and humans can not be separated from their "mind". If people's "mind" is pure and positive, then our physical environment will not be polluted. Therefore, I advocates that environmental pollution should start from the root, that is, from the "mind".
Miss Earth China 2019

Peony is a kind of ornamental flower, which symbolizes wealth, happiness and enthusiasm. Peony flower is also known as "national color and fragrance" because it is large and fragrant. It can show the current situation of China's prosperity, national strength and people's well-being. As an old saying goes “Gentlemen love fortune, in a proper way." On the back of a Chinese coin, the peony flower is printed, which shows people's love for it. Meantime, peony can also be used as a medicinal material, which has the effect of regulating menstruation and promoting blood circulation.

Like most Chinese children, I spent my childhood in intense study. In order to cultivate my to grow up in an all-round way, my parents let my learn zither, dance, calligraphy, etc. There is a Chinese proverb: "read ten thousand books, travel ten thousand miles". It means that one should study hard and become knowledgeable. But one also needs to let what we have learned be reflected in on life, and at the same time, one should increase their knowledge and apply what we have learned. When I was on vacation, my parents would take me to travel to many places, combining what I have learned to observe the natural, historical and cultural landscape of the world. What impressed me most was that one-month after graduation from sixth grade, I traveled to three countries alone and felt the time I spent alone with nature. Thanks to my parents for giving me valuable free time. Thank them for cultivating my independent personality when I was young. In the process of "reading ten thousand books, traveling ten thousand miles", I became a better self!

On July 9, 2012, I spent My 18th birthday with my parents, who gave me an adult ceremony. My mother baked a birthday cake for me that day, and wrote a very long letter to me. Every word and every sentence of this letter has been deeply engraved in my heart till now. At the age of 18, I am no longer a child, but an adult. Not only does it mean that I can explore the world independently, but it also means more responsibilities and obligations. To live is to think about the meaning of life. To be an adult does not only mean that I am responsible for civic duty , but also I am responsible for myself, parents, family, country and society.

When I was a child, my mother made breakfast for me every morning. After I had eaten, I went to school. When I came home after school, a table of delicious dinner had already been well prepared for me. On Mother's Day when I was 10 years old, I decided to do something meaningful. So I found an excuse to let my parents go to my grandparents’ house, and started My "secret action". I went downstairs to the bookstore and bought a Book "200 delicious and easy-cooked dish" . Then I went to the supermarket to buy a lot of food materials. I decided to prepare a wonderful dinner when my parents went out. Eventually, I had prepared table diss and waited for them to come back. The moment they pulled the door, I could see the surprised on their faces. I was also delighted to invite My parents to sit down for them to enjoy the dinner. The result was that after we all tasted the food that I had cooked, My family decided to go out for dinner. The food I cooked became my dog's ration for the next few days. In fact, I could feel that my dog actually refused to eat them.

The most extraordinary thing is that last year, I took part in a four-day, three-night, 108-km desert Gobi journey and walked along the Xuanzang road again. When I was ready to take part in this activity, there were many opposing voices around me. “it is too laborious for you girl to bear, you can't stand it. Don't suffer for it anymore." But the curiosity in my heart supported me to insist to complete this journey. It must be a unique and unforgettable experience! So there was not much thinking in deciding to participate. When I finished walking 55km in the second day, I sat in the tent, looking at the blistered feet, numb legs. The companions who have seen my feet persuaded me to stop walking but I was asking myself, do I really want to give up? What was the purpose of coming here? Am I going to give up on the half way? Since the conditions in the desert were limited, I hadn’t wish my face for two days, but I couldn't give up. Later, I dragged my scarred feet to walk on the Gobi Road and challenged my mind. I kept telling myself that I could do it, and I certainly could! I had sweat, tears, blood, pus, countless falls, countless times to get up, in these four days and three nights, I defeated myself. In fact, what The Gobi has brought to me is not the pain, but the harvest of happiness. Dreams in the heart, strength at the foot. Search for the mark on foot and the power to move forward.

Eco-tourism is also known as "green tourism". Fast-paced life in the city and various kinds of pollution has occupied our whole life. So the eco-tourism focusing on returning to nature has emerged as the times require. I think that building forest parks and restoring wetlands is an important step to promote ecological travel. For example, the barren mountains in Northwest China have now become a national forest park. China has become the country, which have the fastest growing forest resources and the fastest developing speed in the world. Throughout 2018, China added 7.07 million hectares of forest, or about 71,000 square kilometers, which is equivalent to the land area of many small European countries, only 20,000 square kilometers smaller than South Korea. According to this data, we can indicate that China accounts for about a quarter of the world's newly added forest area. While protecting the natural environment and carrying out eco-tourism projects, I hope that the successful experiences of China can be shared with friends from all over the world. After all, the earth is the home for mankind.

China has a long history, advanced civilization and vast territory. The Chinese have a continuous history of civilization. Since the Neolithic Age, the Chinese people's independent and complete civilization system has been handed down from generation to generation, showing strong vitality. Over the past five thousand years, the Chinese people, as a whole, have been in the leading position in human civilization for most of the time. And historically, the Chinese have steadily and continuously owned a vast area of Asia that is most suitable for human survival.

Invention and creation. From the story of "Iren's" drilling wood to make fire, we can know that Chinese people have the genius and wisdom of invention and creation. The Chinese know very well that there is no need to exaggerate diligence and wisdom, let alone make a fuss. As for Innong's cultivation of agriculture, invention of medicine, Xuanyuan's discoveries of industry, invention of boats and cars, all are the result of hard work and diligence.

Ideological rationality and spiritual realm. Respect morality, benevolence and righteousness morality, value morality but neglect fame and fortune. Only people with such great virtue, do not care about temporary success or failure, do not entangle temporary honor or disgrace, do not suffer from the burden of gains and losses, do not have the bondage of winning or losing, and live sagaciously. The so-called "gentleman" is the character and personality that Chinese people advocate. The Biography of Zhouyi and Confucius’Analects has set up a standard and norm that a gentleman should possess.

The Great Wall. The Great Wall is across the East and West, across mountains and rivers. It fluctuates with the mountains like a giant dragon in Asia. The Great Wall is magnificent; rivers and mountains add color to it; the splendid territories are linked together by it; the scenery of the north is like a picture. Isn't this a great artistic creation?

The beauty of the article. Over the past three thousand years, the articles circulated in China to this day can be described as exotic as well as beautiful prose, which shows the great talent of the ancients. The cultural and ideological connotations of Chinese characters, words and sentences are rich, and Chinese is very scientific and artistic. Tang Poetry, Song Ci, Yuan Qu and Ming and Qing Novels are outstanding representatives of Chinese literature and treasures of Chinese culture.

6. Chinese Calligraphy. Those ancient Chinese characters are just like the marvelous inscription. We are simple and elegant. The strong artistic shock comes from ancient times and comes from the depths of the earth. As for Qin Seal and Han Li, we are elegant and glamorous, fascinating and spiritual. Every time we look at them, a magical appeal comes to them.

Chinese painting. Chinese painting has a long history. There are a lot of renowned painters along the history, such as Gu Kaizhi from Wei and Jin Dynasties, and Wu Daozi from the Tang Dynasty. After the Song and Yuan Dynasties, many masters of traditional Chinese painting were born, which made Chinese paintings on landscape, figures, flowers and birds all strive for perfection, profound artistic conception and elegant style. Especially in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the developed literati painting has rich connotation, profound meaning, exquisite and magnificent styles.

Chinese music. Only when compared with the outstanding achievements of modern western music, can we recognize the achievements of ancient Chinese music? Confucius’ evaluation criteria for music was recorded in the Eight Blessings of the Analects of Confucius. From Confucius' comparison between Shao music and Wu music, the artistic sublimation from "perfection" to “kindness and perfection" made them understand that the music is not limited to itself.

Chinese KongFu. By combining self-defense with self-cultivation, turning cruelty into harmony, turning enemies into friends and turning dangers into harmony, these killing weapons, such as swords, spears, rods, have evolved into health-preserving magic weapons. The eighteen kinds of Chinese KongFu have become the art of fitness and health-preserving.

Dietary culture. Chinese dietary culture is not a general dietary culture, but a dietary culture deeply influenced by Confucian culture and Taoist culture; Chinese dietary culture is a highly unified science, art and ideology; Chinese dietary culture is the foundation and source of Chinese culture, reflecting the basic spirit and special nature of Chinese culture.

China has beautiful natural scenery, a long and splendid history and culture, world-renowned cultural landscapes such as the Great Wall Palace Museum, hard-working and kind-hearted people, and Chinese cuisine which are famous to global people. What I would like to recommend to all is that we are welcome to visit China, to enjoy the beautiful scenery, to experience Chinese culture and to taste Chinese food. The gorgeous rivers and mountains that China has owned is also a part of the world.

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