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This period in my life is very transitional. My mother was miles away furthering her education. I left from primary education to secondary education. With excitement to start my new journey and meet new school mates, I was quickly looked down on by classmates, and called names because I was very little and youngest in my class. My self esteem was very low and I could hardly express myself and ideas. This made me so reserved and shy. The most loved moments during this period were during holidays when I came home from the dormitory and meet my family and kids from the neighborhood. During holidays I will assist with chores at home, assist in cleaning our compound and taking care of our domestic animals. My childhood motivates me everyday. Knowing where I come from helps guide me on where I want to be in the future.

Turning back the pages of memory, to summer holidays in our home, which is a period where all our families congregate to share the fellowship of family. I remember how my siblings and I will gather in our garden yard to pick fallen apples from the tree, and we would later snack on them after lunch. I wasn’t always the fastest or the best at the game of fruit gathering, so I always ended up with the least amount of apples My siblings would flaunt their bountiful harvest and mock me for having so little. However, my dad would always comfort me by climbing the tree and harvesting the best and juicy fruits for me. This always made my siblings jealous, but I was happy because I got to not only have more but also the best apples.

My great grandfather is a very famous ruler, he led a resistance against the German colonizers because to him they were dishonest. My great grandfather Fon Asonganyi was exiled to Garoua where he was exposed to modern buildings and decided to build a stormy building when he returned. He had many wives who farmed to care for their homes. Today, the family is numbered at an estimated 300 descendants. Love and unity keep us together and our culture bonds us. One thing my family has taught me is to care for one another but most importantly the spirit of sharing and uplifting others.

Back in my university days, my friends coerced me to join a pageant, my first ever pageant, Miss Tourism South West 2019 where I emerged the winner. This is unusual because I had not idea or knowledge about the pageantry world or modeling in general and the thought of winning was far-fetched. However, I won because I believed in myself and the hopes of the people and purpose I stood for. This goes to prove that we can conquer anything and everything if we have faith in ourselves and our purpose.

We should Go green and promote sustainable practice Ms such as reducing waste, conserving water and using renewable energy
You Efficient and maximum optimization of energy and resources to avoid total depletion and even extinction
Walk where possible to reduce the amount of carbon footprint in the atmosphere
We should build Eco-friendly tourist sites, such as hotels, lodges, and tour operators, that play a crucial role in this effort by investing in and utilizing renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies
Lastly, we should spread awareness on sustainable tourism and climate change to get the society to indulge in campaigns and activities that will help us build a greener and resilient Mother Earth

Cameroon, Cameroes, Kamerun, Cameroun. Despite the discrepancy in its appellations, Cameroon remains my motherland irrespective of its history of wars and crises.

Cameroon is home to over 240 tribes and ethnicities but we identify as “one and indivisible.” My pride of Cameroon dwells in its multiculturalism, gastronomy/hospitality and natural relief She is home to the highest active volcano in Africa, Mount Cameroon that stands at a height of 4040m and harbors a diverse variety and species of fauna and flora. Similarly, my country has 9 national reserve parks such as the Waza Park which is home to the “big five” animals of Africa and Korup National Park for its huge virgin rainforest. Also, she is blessed with beautiful lakes such as the Twin lakes of Mount Manengouba and the exotic waterfalls of Metchum.

Further, food and drinks have always been at the centre of the livelihood of my people. Our gastronomy varies from starchy tubers to spicy vegetables/soups, and tasty proteins depending on which ethnic group to which you belong. The most common food is the “Ndolé'' which consists of leafy vegetables cooked in fresh groundnut paste, complemented with any cooked tuber crop of choice Culturally, we welcome people into our homes with fresh palm tree syrups locally called, ”Matango”_ as a symbol of hospitality and goodwill.

Not forgetting, our rejuvenating songs and dances that span across the various 240 tribes, that vary in melody and choreography.

Cameroon, “Africa in miniature” is a slogan coined from the fact that we are a citadel of every quality that describes its continent, Africa. I’m proudly Cameroonian because I celebrate my cultural heritage and originality as a symbol of my nationality.

Since my childhood, I have been hearing of how our climate is drastically changing and our earth is deteriorating. Nowadays, thanks to climate change advocates and environmental protection enthusiasts like myself, we have taken up the responsibility to promote sustainable livelihood and build a greener environment for our society My advocacy as a beauty pageant and Miss Earth Cameroon 2023 is to educate, promote and impact the younger generations of tree planting in our ecosystem and the effects of environmental disasters that leads to global warming and climate change.

I indulge everyone, from government administrators to private entities as well as growing toddlers, to join me in my quest to combat these issues that plague our home, Mother Earth. She needs to feel the wave of change and let’s help heal her, for you, for me, and the entire human race.

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