The Miss Earth Pageant
The MISS EARTH 2013 Delegates

Height: 175 cm
Measurements: 35.4-26-35.4

"Water cooperation is a serious topic of 21st century, which we urge all nations to work together and aspire for a common goal that is mutually beneficial."

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Describe your childhood growing years:
It was an unforgettable time of my life. I started to practice music when I was five, and I started to take vocal lessons when I was seven. At that period, all I can remember was piano and vocal lessons every day. I was 11 when I participated in an international competition for vocalists named "Asia Voice" and I became a laureate of this contest. My mother helped me a lot. She made my costume and helped me to make a very beautiful, talented art performance. We practiced every day all summer before the competition and I won. I love this period, not just because of my winning, but because I spend a lot of time with my dear and favorite mother. She is always with me, and she supports me a lot.
What lessons did you learn from your childhood?
There were many lessons I have learned, but most of them was music lessons such us: solfeggio, harmony, musical analysis, piano, and vocal lessons. My favorite was solfeggio, because I always wrote dictations faster than other did. I finished studies at a Republic Music school for gifted children and I always wanted to compose music and to sing.
Any special facts or story about your family?
My grandmother had an amazing voice. She started to sing when she was young, but her husband my pro-grandfather was more senior than she was and he did not let her to become a professional singer. It seems to me that I got my voice from my pro-grandmother.
What is the most unusual thing you have ever done?
Last year the mayor of our city invited many known people to plant trees in the city center. I planted mine, and I really enjoyed doing that.
What is your most memorable moment?
I think my most memorable moment was when I became a Miss Asiada, because this competition changed my life. I have always dreamed to be a beauty queen and it was a moment when my dream came true.
What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?
For me every day is a day of love for our mother Earth. I have planted several trees in my country. I composed a song about our beautiful city Almaty and I like to compose songs about beauty of the nature.
What makes you proud of the country you are representing?
On June 19, 2009 the Republic of Kazakhstan celebrated the 20 anniversary of the anti-nuclear movements "Nevada - Semej" and 18 anniversary of closing the Semipalatinsk nuclear range.
What can you promote about your country?
It should be noted that in Kazakhstan the volumes of emissions of harmful substances in the atmosphere over the last decade has not grown. It is explained from introduction of new treatment facilities and improvements of technological processes in production. 23 years of independence in Kazakhstan became years of education and formation of new state system of providing ecological safety, management of environmental protection.