The Miss Earth Pageant
The MISS EARTH 2013 Delegates

Age: 22
Height: 175 cm
Measurements: 33.5-25.5-35.4

"Water is to the Earth what blood is to human beings: Life."

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Describe your childhood growing years:
My childhood was very fulfilling, punctuated by school year, sport (swimming mostly) and my passion for nature.

I was part of an association called «nature club «during eight years aimed at teaching children the flora and fauna. Many outings were held each month: drill, parks, beaches, nature reserves, wildlife parks and aquatic centers. In addition, we have a Center of studies with over 70 animal races, and a large outdoor farm allowing us to gain experience in real contact of the animal world.

But especially over the educational side, all students were aware of environmental problems, and thus we were participating in many pickups waste on the beaches of northern France, touring sorting centers to treat the waste, value through recycling. I have acquired some experience in this area by participating in various projects in my area.

My childhood was also marked by a very rewarding family life, I practiced dance and do theater, and my favorite sport: the «yachting ", 3-wheel vehicle powered by a veil, as a boat by the force of the wind!

What a pleasure to browse through the vast expanses of sand, with a clean energy, and in total silence!
What lessons did you learn from your childhood?
Childhood is a benchmark from which everyone will be determined.

For me, it has taught me:

• Respect for people, elders and the world around us, to be sensitive to our environment
• Education
• The meaning of work
• Discipline
• Patience
• Love and appreciation for nature that sustains us.
Any special facts or story about your family?
It is difficult to give a special about my family history, as there are several and they are quite personal.

But I will mention here a simple memory that causes me a lot of emotions. We were on holiday in France at the mountain chalet. My greatest pleasure was to find myself in the morning along with my parents and my little brother on the balcony in front of this incredible panorama, with the pure and fresh air for breakfast.

It was my special moments that we can find in this quiet, family to the magical beauty of a landscape full of purity. I keep of it a sweet and wonderful memory.
What is the most unusual thing you have ever done?
We have in France magnificent mountain ranges and one of my dreams was to climb one of them. This winter, my dream came true, and I climbed to the top of Charmanson at a height of 6125 feet. What an amazing show! A view as seen in television reports and also amazing that in my imagination. No noise, just a huge blanket of snow spread over the mountains of sight with such a pure blue sky is endless.
What is your most memorable moment?
One of the highlights of my life was the birth of my godson. My cousin was about to give birth while I was with her, and I bring him to the hospital. Everything happened very quickly and I was allowed to accompany childbirth. Incomparable as to be present at a single time, so magical and beautiful location! THE BIRTH OF LIFE!

And on a more personal level directly, I will quote my time on the show and the most watched channel in France, for the Miss France!

Because it has changed my life forever, I experienced moments so intense and emotionally rich! Sought for many invitations, it has allowed me to meet wonderful people.
What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?
Environmental problems are many and include deforestation, degassing, climate damage but also the pollution, and mainly water pollution! Men have a strong impact on the environment via waste. It is estimated that all of humanity produces about 4 billion tons of waste per year.

The absence of waste management and poor sewage treatment is common in less developed countries or developing, resulting in negative impacts on the environment, human health and quality of life of people. The ocean surface is about two- thirds of the earth and they have long been used as trash the planet.

My attention will particularly focus on water pollution because it is a major cause of human, animal and plant mortality on a massive scale. Since the late twentieth century, with the use of plastics mainly glass and stainless very poorly degradable, the impact of marine human waste has become increasingly important ! ! Various studies have now found plastic particles in the oceans of the world and at all depths : 100 million tons of plastic waste are scattered in the world's oceans .

You should know that water pollution has various origins:
1. Industry : Chemicals and hydrocarbons emissions of heavy metals are one of the most important sources of water pollution .
2. Agriculture : excessive use of chemicals , which end in groundwater or rivers.
3. The automobile oil spills that go into the rivers they are not picked up and recycled properly.
4. Wastewater : if they are not handled properly.

The fight against pollution is difficult, because what is at the bottom or diluted in water is often invisible. In addition, some toxic infiltrated into the ground often produce their effects after a long time ! However , we can act ! ! As we see, the plastic is the material that occupies most of the waste found at sea and eliminate waste, it must first collect.

I was born in a region of France called "the Nord Pas de Calais ." It is full of resources and wildlife and offers a wide variety of flora. I decided to spend some of my time to respect and awareness of it. I participated in this year prevention in schools with children, explaining the actions of eco-citizenship possible in the life of every day. Cleanings of our beaches have been made, often polluted by many litter, the sea throws during strong winds and high tides. "INITIATIVESOCEANES.ORG " an international website was created by a combination of surfers who fight against marine pollution desorma and organize collective pickups . I am proud to be a member of this association. The collection of waste on beaches is a solution that allows us all to act for the planet !

It is urgent because many animals die after ingested some of these wastes. Plastic bags are swallowed because confused with jellyfish or floating algae, sea glass are combined with plastic granules called mermaid 's tears or nurdle.

After the plastic pollution waste, I also denounce degassing and desludging, the illegal practice of dumping pollutants at sea (oil), causing considerable voluntary pollution. To this is added the oil spills where oil remains suspended for many kilometers. Birds and fish swallow the oil during oil spills which sometimes leads to the disappearance of species. WWF (World Wildlife Fund) was estimated at 1.5 million tonnes the amount of oil released only in the Mediterranean Sea, a sea in the south of France, because of outgassing and wild ballast tanks.

I would also like to draw attention to an overseas territory of France is currently experiencing a major pollution problem : Guadeloupe. Like all island territories that host many tourists, Guadeloupe difficulty in managing its waste. While sorting and collection is set up, most waste ends up in landfills, streets, gardens or waterways . Then ensue all health issues, living conditions, mortality of the population, preserving the fauna and flora, facing pressure from interests in the tourism business.

As he deteriorated, the environment has become a common good value, it is necessary to support all life species. It’s a heritage to pass on to future generations. It is an ecological, economic and socio - cultural. It gives everyone the vital natural resources (water, air , soil, food , etc.) That we must preserve. One of the key points of the message I want to convey turns to the prevention and education of young people.

For the view that I have today, the world around me, I owe it to my parents and people who knew me when I inform my little young. The children of today are the people responsible and eco-citizen of tomorrow.

My recent notoriety of the Youth Ambassador of my country does not give me great power but a duty imposed upon me by example and promote an image and principles that I want to use to serve the causes I to heart . In reality, it is certain that all major decisions and plans of action belong to large industrial and large politicians and at my level it is difficult to change the world.

I can not stop deforestation or carbon emissions.

But if I have the chance to become your new Miss EARTH, I will do what I can to carry out my plans , plans on a global scale , thus contributing to improve our future! We can change our habits to reduce our negative impact on the planet, be responsible! Our planet needs the efforts of all , we now to give a future to your children!
What makes you proud of the country you are representing?
In my country I’m particularly proud of:

1. French movies
2. French gastronomy
3. the fashion
4. the diversity in the landscapes we have. We do have a lot of different climates
5. magnificent buildings such as our French symbol : the Eiffel Tower.
What can you promote about your country?
My country is a widespread erstwhile country which belongs to the European community, so we have a huge cultural heritage. Also, as we are a developed country it is very difficult to promote one thing rather than another, but as I’m a little greedy and French, allow I first mention our French gastronomy.

I also quote :
1. That we have a very big diversity concerning our landscapes (we have wonderful beaches, mountains and the nature’s beauty changing through the seasonal changes).
2. The richness of our history through the centuries, gives us an exceptional cultural heritage and an architecture of all styles (the gothic and roman cathedrals, several churches, castles and one of the most known: the palace of Versailles)
3. I also want to mention our advanced technical support for our environment due to many years of scientific efforts to move along a sustainable development path to protect our environment.

France is geographically rich in water thanks to its five main rivers and also thanks to its position as France is surrounded by the sea. A multiple of facilities exist on these sites such as some hydroelectric dams or tidal powers or even some hydrokinetic systems.